Being in the digital age, marketing leaflets are often overlooked, they have been branded as old-fashioned and ineffective, and however, there are many advantages of using leaflets to market your business or product. When done correctly, leaflets are visually appealing and contain useful information about the business or product. As long as paper is still being used, leaflets will never become obsolete and are still an effective marketing tool.

Leaflets are significantly cheaper to produce than investing in a digital marketing strategy and, as mentioned above, don’t cost much to distribute to potential customers. Leaflets can easily be designed for free on a computer and then, for high-quality products, using digital or offset printing to print the leaflets can be cost-effective. These printing methods aren’t expensive, especially if you want to print off high quantities. When it comes to digital and offset printing, the outcome of your leaflets will be of high quality – presenting sharp, crisp images, and content.

The ideal leaflet should be visually pleasing which includes images and text that is in an easy to read layout. The text included should be to the point, possibly bullet pointed with headers, as this breaks up the text making it easier to read but also looks better within the leaflet.

A leaflet needs to grab the attention of possible customers, therefore, needs to stand out; this attention-grabbing layout can be achieved by being colourful, including images, and eye-catching headers. Leaflets, unlike paid ads, are visually pleasing and can come in a range of styles that can grab the potential customers’ attention.


We Art Print Point Provides Leaflets for your business range of shapes and sizes. This flexibility can influence the layout of your content and create a leaflet that is easy to read and to the point.

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